Efficient, Accurate, & Reproducible Water Tank Scanning

Purpose-built for modern treatment modalities, 3D SCANNER™ achieves faster and more accurate commissioning and annual QA with consistent scan orientation and automated setup. AutoSetup™, and the elimination of tank shifts, remove scanning subjectivity.

Automate Setup, Remove Subjectivity
3D SCANNER’s AutoSetup automatically sets the detector position at the water surface and levels and aligns the tank in less than 20 minutes. This feature not only saves time, but also ensures tank measurements are reproducible regardless of user.

Eliminate Tank Shifts, Gain Time
Tank shifts take time and compromise the stability of the original scanning setup. Because of its cylindrical shape, 3D SCANNER enables a 65 cm scan range — allowing full 40 x 40 cm field scans, even at 100 cm SSD and 30 cm depth. Its shape and size remove the need for tank shifts.


“I love my Sun Nuclear 3D SCANNER. With the recent software update, including reference point measurement without having to set up a scanning queue, plus the ability to batch compare all of your annual scans to your commissioning scans in less than five minutes, the time savings is huge.”

  • Kirk Aduddell, M.S.

  • Panhandle Cancer Care Center

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