MODEL 023-08




The CIRS 6DOF ISO Base, Model 023-08 is an optional accessory of ISO phantom. It is designed for positioning and leveling of the ISO phantom and quick calculation of complex 3D shifts of RT treatment systems with an integrated robotic couch.

There are two milled pockets on the CIRS 6DOF ISO Base. The ISO alignment pocket can be used to position and level the ISO phantom on the treatment couch. It contains a set of four Tungsten spheres that are used by ISO AnalyzeTM Software to calculate the actual Pixel Size for both the MV and kV image detectors.

When positioned in the shifted 6DOF pocket, internal structures of the ISO phantom allow for the calculation of rotation and translation shifts. The shifted 6DOF pocket is machined with the mechanical limits of commercially available couches in mind, which can correct for pitch, roll and yaw of +/- 3 degrees of rotation. The 6DOF pocket is rotated within the IEC 61217 Coordinate System, +1.5o about X-axis, +2.0o about Y-axis and +2.5o about Z-axis and translated -15 mm on X-axis and +25 mm on Y-axis. The translations about the X and Y-axes are applied with respect to the ISO center of ISO phantom. Having rotational shifts smaller than the mechanical limits of the robotic couches allows the user to determine if there are errors on either side of the induced shift.

Both the ISO alignment pocket and the 6DOF pocket are CNC machined in a single setup. The 6DOF ISO Base is also assembled as a single piece to minimize cumulative assembly errors.


  • Fully compatible with all ISO phantom and ISO Analyze Software
  • 6DOF ISO Base pockets allow easy position of ISO phantom for ISO Center and Couch shift checks
  • Compute kV and MV pixel size with embedded BBs
  • Machined in single set up to minimize setup errors
  • Integrated leveling feet allow fine alignment adjustments
  • Milled slot enables indexing with most localization bars

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