ARACUS classic Amino Acid Analyzer

Standard configuration with 2 photometer LEDs


Detectors with maintenance-free LED technology

Chloride-free and citrate-free buffer system

Small eluent consumption

Pump allows the simultaneous operation of two fluidic lines

Continous analysis of 96 samples in a cooled autosampler

High sensitivity of amino acids



Amino Acid Analysis for a wide range of applications

  • The setup of the ARACUS „classic“ is the standard configuration of the analyzer series.
  • The ARACUS „classic“ allows the continous analysis of 96 samples in a cooled autosampler.
  • Eluents and reagent solution are selectively chosen through valves and are ideally mixed to each other.
  • The addition of ninhydrin provides a quantitative analysis statement
  • washing routine of the injection valve and syringe pump avoids cross contaminations.
  • The level of the individual reagents can be monitored during the runs and warns the user if the quantity is no longer sufficient.

Main technical specifications of the system




The chart shows the structure of the classic setup:

  • The pump allows the simultaneous operation of two fluidic lines (eluent side and reactive side), which guarantees a constant mixing.
  • The ARACUS “classic” has two photometers, 440 nm and 570 nm.
  • The system is equipped with an autosampler with 100 µL loop.
Flowchart: ARACUS classic

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