MODEL 701-706


The ATOM family consists of six clinically relevant ages including, a newborn, 1-year old, 5-year old, 10-year old, adult male, and adult female.

Each phantom age accounts for key variations in tissue composition due to age or sex and accounts for variations in bone mineral density. This results in a more precise physical model with which to investigate the interaction of radiation with different tissues. It allows for more accurate dose calculations in different age groups.

For over 35 years, CIRS tissue simulation technology has been validated through third-party testing, and continually refined by monitoring manufacturing applications on a global platform. CIRS has developed materials that mimic the linear attenuation curves of real tissue. With target parameters for tissue simulation based on gold standard ICRP 23 and ICRU 48 reports.

The ATOM phantom line has tissue differentiations between cartilage, spinal cord, spinal disks, lung, brain, sinus, average bone, and average soft tissue.

All phantoms are precision sliced into 25 mm thick sections and drilled with an array of holes for dosimeter placement. No coatings are applied to the mating surfaces of the phantom to maintain continuous imaging characteristics. Stacked phantoms are secured with an assembly device and small internal alignment pins between sections; neither of which will interfere with the life-like imaging properties of the phantom.

There are many different phantom configurations available to accommodate your needs and use cases. Limb and breast attachments are also available as optional accessories to measure peripheral and scattered radiation.


  • Phantom models cover a wide range of patient ages
  • Organ specific dosimetry with minimal detectors
  • Superior tissue simulation and lifelike imaging properties
  • Homogeneous bone
  • Accommodates wide variety of detectors
  • Age appropriate references


NASA’s Artemis I mission to the Moon will feature two custom designed female ATOM Phantoms from CIRS. “Helga” and “Zohar” will fly as proxies for female astronauts to help determine risk to radiation sensitive organs, and ensure more inclusive possibilities for the future of human space travel.

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Images sources: The European Space Agency and DLR

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