The Hygiene Pro Clean Ultrasonic Atomizer Backpack has been developed to be used for CBRN decontamination, infection control and mould abatement for the professionals.

HPC has a range of formulated chemicals and treatments to deal with any type of chemical or biological requirement (Hygiene Pro Clean Technical Team can advise on request) and treatments that can provide an antimicrobial coating to almost any surface. The unique system can deliver medical grade chemicals without reducing their efficacy and in most cases, the chemicals can be stored within the unit for a great length of time. The atmospheric spray is delivered at around 10-15 microns which means that it’s a very cost-effective and efficient way to deliver any solution without overload



✅ Fully adjustable gel padded harness

✅ Control panel

✅ Padded cylinder cover and chemical label sleeve 

✅ Trigger operated handheld gun with self-retracting

✅ Nozzle and retaining clip

✅ Pressurized 2 litre chemical cylinder

✅ 300 BAR air regulator


  • Backpack_Case-HPC.png

    MBU/2L Backpack Flight Case

    The Ultrasonic Atomizer Backpack flight case is designed to transport and protect the unit from any damage. The waterproof (IP67 rated) case is provided with three handles for manual handling and a retractable handle and for transport. If required the Atomizer can also be operated while inside the case for wheels small local applications.

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