This business was initiated in 2002 under the name of Health physics (HPE). HPE was established to provide high quality scientific services for healthcare, education and industry institutions. HPE served its customers according to the national and international standards and regulations. Additionally, HPE provided sales services in its specialties along with specialized training and consultations.

Currently, HPE is considered one of the leaders in its field in Saudi Arabia. HPE business extended with significant yearly growth through the HPE’s high professional standards and reliable business deliberations. HPE gained more trust and acquired more clients in medical, industrial, research, and educational institutions.

As a result of the success of HPE in its services and sales, the owner of the HPE has decided to separate them and create a focus in sales and therefore he has established the new company (Tech Flow).Therefore Tech Flow company was created with a well-established history and a big pool of clients. Tech Flow Co. concentrates in :

  • Sales & Marketing of our principals’ products.

  • After sales service and support.

  • Customer Satisfaction.


TechFlow ​

Alsahafa District, Prince Nassir Bin Farhan Street. Building: 4140 RIYADH, 13321 Saudi Arabia​

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