Storage Options


This lightweight Wall Mount is the ideal way to store your QUANTUM™ CT Overlay, AccuFix™ Cantilever Board™ and Access™ Supine Breast Device.

The kVue™ Insert Storage Cart is also an ideal way to store your kVue™ Inserts.

The Thermoplastic Prep Cart is ideal for use with a water bath or RapidHeat™ Oven. The cart has four wheels for easy maneuverability of the cart and heating appliance.

The cart features two open shelves to store Fibreplast® and Aquaplast RT™ masks and/or accessories. The stainless steel cart is easy to clean.

VacQfix™ Storage Racks are lightweight, mobile and conveniently store multiple cushion sizes.

The racks are 120 cm long and include two 30 cm extensions. The height can be adjusted between 140cm, 152cm or 165cm.

There are single and dual bar options. Hang VacQfix cushions on storage racks with ‘S’ Hooks, (sold separately in packs of 10).

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