The SATURN ratemeter is a compact acquisition and control unit, designed for managing and processing signals from the connected detector.

The SATURN ratemeter is available in 3 versions:

  • SATURN I RTM-WM, designed to be wall mounted, by means of its supporting lugs
    • SATURN I RTM, designed to be installed inside a 19” rack 2U
    • SATURN II, alternative wall-mounting version designed to be compliant with “Good Manufacturing Practice” requirements: the ratemeter is installed inside a special housing that allows to fit also the detector (typically a GM-1 or a MERCURY GMP WR probe) when necessary, so that no external cable or connection is visible.
  • Compatible with all ELSE NUCLEAR detectors
  • High reliability
  • Advanced user interface
  • Data display on alphanumeric LCD screen
  • Continuous management of data coming from the connected detector
  • Internal archive of acquired data
  • Luminous and acoustic signalling of good operation, alarm and prealarm conditions
  • Interfaces available for data communication: Ethernet, serial RS232, RS485, RS422
  • External keyboard for parameter settings
  • Connectable to host PC with software for remote management

Additional Info​

Main features:

  • Only detector world-wide efficiently working in pulsed fields
  • Modular electronics
  • High sensitivity
  • Fully customizable for specific requirements of particle accelerator facilities
  • Energy range: from thermal up to 10 GeV
  • Energy response closely resembles the ICRP74 conversion curve
  • Unaffected by signal pile-up and so particularly suited for pulsed neutron fields
  • Maximum H*(10) per burst in pulsed fields: 2 µSv
  • Connectable to SATURN ratemeters
  • Excellent gamma rejection (< 0.5 µSv/h at 50 mSv/h, 662 keV)

TechFlow ​

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