RayShield® Radiation Resistant Sterile Procedure Gloves




Quality RayShield® X-ray attenuating sterile procedure gloves provide increased protection from direct X-ray beam and scattered radiation exposure during any procedure requiring the use of X-ray fluoroscopy. Recent studies have shown that hand exposure during a fluoroscopic procedure can be as much as four times greater than eye or body exposure.

RayShield® attenuating gloves provide superior performance over thicker, conventional lead-loaded latex surgical gloves, with excellent flexibility, dexterity and touch sensitivity. Their anatomically correct curved finger design and thinness helps to reduce finger fatigue.  For their density, they offer better X-ray absorption than any comparable glove. They are powder free and made from natural dry rubber to minimize irritant exposure. Gloves are provided sterilized by ETO gas. Gloves may also be autoclaved at 121 degrees centigrade.

RayShield® Attenuating Gloves are shipped in sterile, ready-to-use single pair packages.

5 pairs per box.

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