It is a portable spectrophotometer with excellent reproducible, fast and accurate measurement.

  • Main Charateristics

    • Allowed cell size – 10 mm standard quadrangle cell / 16 mm and 25 mm circle cell.
    • Selection of wavelength ranged from 340 nm to 1100 nm is possible.
    • Saving 6 standard curves and 100 measurement values is possible.
    • Applying to the various fields. 

    Product Qualification


    Wavelength525 nm, 680 nm
    Photometric Range0~3 Abs
    Light SourceLight Emitting Diode(LED)
    Sample compartment10 mm Square cell holder or
    16mm, 25mm Round cell holder
    Standard capabilityABS/%T Mode, CONC.1, CONC.2
    Power Requirement1.2V Ni-MH Rechargeable battery / DC 9V 1A
    Instrument Dimensionse110(W)x48(D)x245(H)
    Instrument Weight500 g
    Display128 x 64 Graphic LCD

    * The contents of this document may be changed without notice.

    • Product details

      OPTIZEN MINI, a portable analysis device, is designed to facilitate to conduct a quick and precise experiment in a field or a laboratory.

      Technology for miniaturization and weight-reduction is applied to the device.

      The device is portable conveniently and is used for various fields simultaneously.

    • Product Information
      • OPTIZEN MINI basically provides wavelength option of 525 nm, 680 nm, but the wavelength can also be selected according to the user’s need.

        Thus the device can be used in the diverse fields of chemistry, environment, bio-chemistry and so on.

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