Portrait™ S-Frame








Integrated Shim System™ for Portrait™ S-frame

Innovative Integrated Shim allows independent height adjustment at each pin, providing completely customizable immobilization. Each Integrated Shim can be adjusted in discrete 0.5 mm increments, with a total range of 4 mm.

Portrait™ Series

The Portrait S-frame series of masks is compatible with the Portrait device and other S-frame devices. These masks come in a variety of different options allowing for shoulder immobilization, accommodation of long hair, and decreased anxiety. They are available in Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast material in 2.4mm and 3.2mm thicknesses.

Assure™ Open View Masks

Reduces patient anxiety while allowing real time patient monitoring using optical tracking systems.

Variable Perf™

The optimal perforation pattern maximizes rigidity while minimizing the bolus effect.


Split-frames reduce the stretching required of the thermoplastic, thus forming a more rigid mask. These masks also accommodate patients with long hair.



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