The GALILEO radiation portal monitor is designed to automatically scan the load of vehicles

(trucks or rail wagons on weighting stations) passing through its structure, and to detect any radioactive contamination due to the presence of gamma emitting radionuclide. 

The count rates acquired by the detectors are continuously compared to the pre-set alarm thresholds; if a threshold is exceeded, the system immediately gives a warning to the operator through acoustic and luminous indications.

The standard system is composed of: 2 detectors, an electronic desktop rack and a PC control console.

The detectors are installed in a portal configuration: the two mechanical structures are installed one at each side of the passageway. 



The number of detectors can be adapted to the expected vehicle type or measurement geometry. Each detector is composed of a high-efficiency plastic scintillator facing the passageway, coupled with a PMT and the electronics for HV and signal processing. The detectors are properly shielded to lower the environmental background contribution. A set of transit sensors detects the vehicle’s transit and calculates its speed.

Additional Info


  • Main features:

    • Large, high sensitivity plastic scintillators for gamma radiation detection
    • Configurable for best compliance to layout and vehicles specifications
    • High performance proprietary software capable of actively evaluate the environmental background
    • Efficiency referred to Cs-137: 150 kcps/µSv/h (per detector)
    • False alarm rate: 1:10’000
    • Pass-through speed control
    • Automatic e-mail sending of the measurement report in pdf
    • Connectable to vehicle plate readers or cameras for picture acquisition
    • Digital outputs available for external devices connection (interlock, alarm indicators…)


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