The KONIK 5000 is the 12th generation of KONIK GCs being perfected since 1978 by the GIBNIK Technical Team. The 5000 C is the only one GC in the world purposely designed for Multidimensional HPLC+GC and “turn-key purposely engineered multivalve systems” (RGA, NGA, PONA, PIANO, TOGA, Biofuels, …) complying to ASTM, USP,… norms.

The features of the KONIK GC 5000C are enhanced by the unique KONIK ROBOKROM Multimodal Sample Introduction and Sample Preparation Robotics. Utmost flexibility and analytical power!! As an example of combined applications browse the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Application Note



  • Desig optimized for all conventional and special GC applications including Multivalve-Multicolumn Systems (RGA, NGA, PONA, PIANO, TOGA,…),

  • Purposely designed for Fast and Multidimensional GC-GC and patented Multidimensional HPLC+GC and HPLC+GC-GC.

  • The superb low inertia, fast heating and cooling, high precision oven(+/-0.1 ºC displayed)

  • Unique Cold Septum (purgeless) injection technology

  • Exceptional carrier and detector gases flow controls.

  • Full range of detectors with their fast electrometers

  • State-of-the-art electronics, based on FPGA,s and micro embedded PC,s,

  • Integral diagnostics and remote control of the systems via internet and simple TCP/IP protocols.

  • Multimodal and Multi-technique Sample Preparation and Sample Introduction is provided by the unique RoboKrom

  • Static Head Space (HS), Dynamic Purge and Trap (P&T), Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME), Thermal Desorption, Sample Derivation and Micro-Concentration in one systems.

  • High Resolution modular system integrated in one structural unit.

  • Flexible customization for any applicaiton and easy reconfiguration of the unit by adding the required options for the analysis desired: injector options, detector options, valve switching devices, back-flushing devices, auto-sampler, interfaces (olfactive, biosensors, transfer line for GC-MS, HPLC+GC coupling interface,…), Special Sample Introduction Systems ( Pyrolyzer, Head Space, Purge&Trap, …) control software, data processing, etc.

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GC-MS Gas Chromatography – Mass spectrometry


Since 2004: The GIBNIK first generation of mass spectrometers, the KONIK MS Q12, featured a revolutionary design, providing the power of three mass spectrometers in a single platform. These were achieved with fast and easy interchangeable ionisation sources for EI/CI/+/-, ESI/APCI/+/- and DIP/DEP/EI/CI/+/- . The compromise of multi-source flexibility inherently limited some other parameters such as detection limits in some modes.

 The new KONIK GC-MS Q2 is being focussed to achieve, rather than flexibility, utmost sensitivity, resolution, robustness, reliability, with high scanning speed and sample throughput.



After more than 10 years representing VG, The GIBNIK Technical Team, in cooperation with former French Riber and Nermag specialist, developed an innovative MS that has set the bases o a new generation of KONIK high sensitive EI/CI MSs. The new Q2 is designed for smaller foot print and less bench space, optimum performance, robustness, easy of use and overall lowest costs. Can be upgraded to HPLC+GC-MS.

Spectrum of cocaine analysis




GC, DIP/DEP, RoboKrom, and unique HPLC+GC upgrade and On-Line derivfatization options

  • The KONIK GC 5000C: An outstanding front end inlet for optimum GC-MS results. The KONIK GC 5000C gas chromatograph has been purposely designed for MS Coupling on the left hand side, and for HPLC coupling on the other right hand side, from front view, for easy upgrade anytime to the innovative Multidimensional HPLC+ GC or HPLC+GC-MS patented options.  On top of the unique temperature and pressure control accuracies (0.1 ºC oven stability displayed in real time and 0.001 psi pressure accuracy) the KONIK GC 5000C includes a tight injector (no septum purge) that prevents back streaming of moisture and oxygen to the system, thus enhancing ionization efficiency, while protecting sample integrity, inhibiting volatile loss and facilitating the heavy molecular weight compounds transmission to the column head.
  • DIP/DEP probe: Expands the range of applications to high molecular weight compounds. A dedicated fast exchangeable ionisation source allows both solid and liquid samples to be analysed directly without chromatography. This technique allows the analysis of pure sugars, amino acids, polymers, pharmaceuticals, proteins and high molecular weight compounds that cannot pass through a capillary column. The KONIK DIP/DEP ionisation source combines both EI and CI for positive and negative ions. The spectra of the samples are obtained by placing a small quantity of pure sample inside a crucible onto the probe.
  • The KONIK RoboKrom Multimodal Autosampler for AS, HS, P&T and/o SPmE. The KONIK Robokrom ™ Multimode Autosampler meets the most demanding requirements of accuracy, precision and performance. It can be easily configured in seven working modes: GC liquid sampler, HPLC liquid sampler, Head Space, Purge & Trap, Solid Phase Micro Extraction, Thermal Desorption and Fraction Collector. With unmatched flexibility and performance is offered in two versions an XY, two axes system, and a three axes X,Y,Z with optimized trays for the widest volume ranges and variety of vials in dependence of the application (please enquire).
  • KONIK Multidimensional HPLC+GC Coupling Interface: The innovative patented KONIK HPLC+GC COUPLING interface marries in synergy the separation and fractionation potential of LC and HPLC to the separation, selective detection, quantization and identification of GC and GC/MS, while opening new dimensions and pushing forward borders only limited by your imagination. 
  • KONIK On-Line Derivatizer®. This patented on-line derivatisation system, the KONIK Derivatizer®, allows that non-volatile compounds trapped into the HPLC+GC interface are rendered volatile by using the chosen derivatization reagents in order to enhance, at will, selectivity and lowering detection limits. Higher mass, non-volatiles, polifunctional molecules can be handled with this On Line-Derivatization option.

A dual, inert, EI and CI ion source for both positive and negative ions. Chemical Ionization (+/-) is optional for ideal lowest detection limits of a wide range of high electronegative compounds, with selection of up to two reagent gases. The unique design of the ion source provides extremely fast exchange. 

The ultra-high efficiency Electron Impact (EI) and Chemical Ionization (CI) ion source design features a removable ionisation chamber, source exit lenses and long-life emission filaments for fast and easy maintenance and replacement. Inert materials used in the ion source ensure better ionisation efficiency and long term day-to-day reproducibility.

The user can choose between dedicated ion sources (for EI or for CI) for ultimate sensitivity or the new dual inlet source for both EI and CI without component replacement


The research-grade quadrupole analyser that is fitted into the KONIK GC-MS Q2 is a 220 mm long, with mass ranges of 1 to 1.200 amu optimised for high sensitivity GC/MS. Auto tuning automatically adjusts the resolution at 0.5-0.7amu at half height, making unit mass resolution over the entire quadrupole mass range.

With manual tuning Resolution can be adjusted up to 2.5M. Plug-in RF-only pre-filters enhance high mass transmission and prevent direct contamination of the quadrupole analyzer by filtering high masses.

The pre-filters can be easily removed, for cleaning, leaving the quadrupole totally maintenance free ensuring more stable and higher sensitivity with lower background noise.


The KONIK GC-MS Q2 ion detector is based in a ±10 kV off-axis post acceleration high energy conversion dynodes and a long-life gas-sealed electron multiplier that ensures years of reproducible analysis and reduces the operational cost to the minimum. The detector design ensures comfortable routine work and stable quantization at high mass.

The Focus-Out electrostatic lens focuses the ions exiting the quadrupole and injects them to the HED. Neutral particles are deflected by optimized ion optics thus preventing them reaching the high sensitivity electron multiplier detector, thus improving absolute detection limits by optimal S/N ratio.


Reliable, erosion resistant turbo pumps options (250 lt/sec standard) increases the pump life-time reducing drastically the system down-time and operational cost. Large bore flanges for higher throughput and higher conductance increases the pumping efficiency.

The pumping down time is extremely low, less than 5 minutes from atmospheric to operational vacuum. The high pumping capacity increases the system applications to wide bore 0.53 mm ID columns with unlimited choice of stationary phases, allowing high flows in EI mode amenable to wide bore and PLOT columns. Computer-controlled electro-valves and gauges provide automatic vacuum operation by a simple click of a mouse.
All the heaters and high voltages are automatically switched-off in case of a leak. The venting valve can be attached to an inert gas supply to purge the complete system, avoiding Oxygen, moisture and water vapour contamination.


The flexibility of the KONIK GC-MS Q2 is unmatched by any other bench top MS in the market. Tuning of the spectrometer and mass calibration are easily performed from a dedicated menu. All the mass calibration and tuning parameters are automatically saved in the method.

One may have as many method files as you wish, depending on the working mode, resolution and sensitivity requirements. A particular method file can be uploaded at any time. You can choose Autotune to ensure day-to-day reproducibility for routine analysis or manual tuning.

Manual tuning facilitates optimizing key parameters to achieve the higher levels of sensitivity required by certain methods and specific analysis. Optimized full scanning is used for identifying unknown compounds while selected/single ion monitoring (SIM) operation allows detection of specific analytes with increased sensitivity relative to full scan mode.

Simultaneous Scan and SIM operation in the same run can also be performed. Ultra fast Scanning Speed (20.000 amu/sec) with high technology firmware is ideal for use of high resolution GC peaks, fast eluting peaks, with narrow-bore capillary columns for faster analysis and lower detection limits. The KONIK GC-MS Q2 build in TCP/IP communication protocol makes instrument fully remote control from the Internet. This includes not only data processing, data transfer and data export/import but also total instrument control, servicing, diagnostics, software and firmware updates, tuning and mass calibration, inter-lab methods sharing, etc. from any place in the world.


KONIKROM MS software offers easy control of the GC/MS and supports the NIST mass spectral library, automatically identifying and naming eluted compounds. The software allows the MS to be run on Scan mode and SIM mode simultaneously in one chromatographic analysis.

The KONIKROM MS software supports automatic and manual tune for enhanced sensitivity, stability and reproducibility of MS data with intuitive menus. Data acquisition, qualitative analysis, quantitation and reporting are performed easily through interactive and dedicated applications. SIM and Full Scan spectra can be simultaneously acquired during the same run, providing more data and information in a shorter time. Three acquisition modes and several pre and post acquisition options expand the KONIK MS Q2 flexibility


The KONIK Q2 GC-MS is one of the most, not to say the most, sensitive MSD of its class as can Detect less than 10 femtograms (1×10-16) g in Single Ion Recording mode (SIR) upon injection of 100 fg of the standard OFN. A S/N ratio higher than 1.500:1 is obtained upon injection of 1 pg of OFN in scanning mode (50-300amu), thus providing unmatched sensitivity for trace level analysis of target analytes. In addition GIBNIK offers:

• Better qualitative results and high selectivity as we have to our advantage the HPLC selectivity added to the GC and SIM MS,
• Lower detection limits thanks to the enrichment stage by trapping of volatile compounds like in P&T methods, in the HPLC+GC trapping interface
• Simplified sample preparation by the LC/HPLC single or multiple fractionation steps,
• Full automation by the Robokrom Autosampler and automatic switching valves,
• Time saving and cost reduction by simplifying or eliminating all the tedious sample preparation steps.
• Simple method adjusting and/or simplified new methods development allow to explore the full potential and benefits of this new technique at easy
• Sample integrity guarantee at each level
• Recoveries are improved as compared to other techniques
• Lower quantitation errors,
• Unsurpassed flexibility by the use of any LC/HPLC column,
• Any polar and non-polar solvents,
• Flexible solvent volumes and
• A wide choice of universal or selective trapping materials in the HPLC+GC Coupling interface,
• Widest range of applications extended to analysis of any volatile as well as non-volatile compound by GC using the new KONIK Derivatizer ® patented on-line derivatization option.



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