Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer

The H3D® H420 adds lowenergy imaging to the H400. Localize x rays and low-energy gamma rays. The H420 is optimized for identification and localization of all gamma-ray sources:

Easy to use
Highly portable
Cost effective

Use the H420 for:
CBRNE interdiction
Source characterization
Emergencies and incidents

H420 Specifications



9.6 in x 3.75 in x 6.9 in (24 cm x 9.5 cm x 18 cm)

Weight: 8.0 lbs (3.6 kg)

Battery Life: >6 hours at 23° C (73° F) >2 hours at -20° C (-4° F) or 50° C (122° F)

Power Supply: 100-240 V, 47-63

Hz Startup & Operating Temp.: -20° C to 50° C (-4° F to 122° F) Coded-aperture imaging not available below -10° C (14° F) Storage Temperature: -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F) Ingress Protection: IP65 with fan replacement

Tripod Mounts: 1/4”-20 with reinforced thread 3/8”-16 (with add-on exoskeleton only)

System Cooling: Proprietary external heat sink and removable fan

User Service: Removable fan cover; replaceable fan and fuse

Rangefinder: Integrated Class 2 laser; 635 nm; <1 mW Energy Resolution: ≤1.1% FWHM at 662 keV (coincident interactions combined) ≤0.9% FWHM at 662 keV (coincident interactions separated) Optical Field of View: >162° horizontal, >122° vertical; full color Option for 100° horizontal, 85° vertical with better optical res.

Optical Registration: ±2° to radiation image in front 90° × 90° Radiation Field of View: 4π (360°) omnidirectional (Compton imaging) 86° × 86° (coded-aperture imaging) Angular Precision: ±1° source localization for all 4π (real time)

Angular Resolution: ~30° FWHM for all 4π (real time; >250 keV) ~20° FWHM for all 4π (post processing; >250 keV) ~5° FWHM in coded-aperture field of view (<450 keV)

Sensitivity: Detects 137Cs producing ~3 μR/hr in <16 s (spectroscopy) Localize point source of 137Cs producing ~3 μR/hr in <90 s Localize point source of 57Co producing ~1 μR/hr in <10 s

Energy Range: 50 keV to 3 MeV (spectroscopy) 50 keV to 1500 keV (coded-aperture imaging; optionally up to 3 MeV with lower efficiency) 250 keV to 3 MeV (Compton imaging)

Crystal Volume: >19 cm3 CZT (CdZnTe)

Count-Rate Limit: 1 rem/hr (10 mSv/hr) bare137Cs equivalent Alarms: Audio & visual alarms based on dose rate or accumulated dose Silence independently & preemptively; adjustable threshold (Sv/h)

Isotope Library: Select from 3573 ENDF isotopes & user defined; unlimited

Startup Time: < 60 s at 23° C (73° F)

Display: 8” 1280×800 HD tablet (mountable to back cover)

Tablet Communication: Peer-to-peer Wifi or Bluetooth, or wired connection

Other Communication: Ethernet RJ45 port; TCP/IP

Views: Spectrum, gamma image, optical image, composite image

Data Storage: Removable USB (64 GB) included

Warranty: 2 years (includes annual recalibration and software updates)

Includes: Visualizer software for advanced post processing Tablet-mounting bracket Power/accessory cables, stylus, and tablet Transport and storage case

Optional Add-Ons: Exoskeleton for drop protection External battery

Additional Info​

Main features:

Fast, portable, and easy to use
imaging spectrometer
Integrated rank-19 codedaperture mask
Automated mask/anti-mask
capability for improved signal to
noise and cleaner images
Rapidly identifies and locates
sources of interest
Real-time spectroscopy, ID,
and imaging
Omnidirectional sensing and
Option for ≤0.8% FWHM
energy resolution at 662 keV
and interaction-by-interaction
resolution of ≤0.65% FWHM
Energy range covers isotopes
of interest up to 3 MeV
Industry-leading imaging
sensitivity using pixelated CZT
Precision overlay of gammaray and optical images
Images both point and
distributed sources
Ready to use in under 60 s
Discrimination between
background and sources of
interest in less than 20
Light weight and highly
Integrated rangefinder
Air/water tight for easy
Dose-range gauge
Automatic report generation
Annual recalibration and
software updates included

TechFlow ​

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