The ultimate tool for field GSR

 detection and shooting distance determination

The LIBS technique

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
(LIBS) is a rapid chemical analysis
technology that uses a short laser pulse
to create a micro-plasma on the sample
surface. This analytical technique offers
many compelling advantages compared to
other elemental analysis techniques.
  • Direct analysis of all kind of materials in
    any status, either solid, liquid or gas.
  • No sample preparation
  • Immediate response
  • Identification of all elements

GSR detection

Gunshot residues (GSR) are particles
produced when a firearm is shot. It is
principally composed of burnt and unburnt
particles from the explosive primer.
iForenLIBS can identify the chemical
elements present in such particles (lead,
antimony and barium). It provides an
immediate and automatic response telling
whether these elements are present or not
on the surface analysed. iForenLIBS can
perform a direct analysis in the field over
clothes, skin, metals, plastic, walls or any
other surface of interest.

Shooting distance


The distance from which a shot has been
made can be of the highest relevance
in a forensic investigation. The current
techniques for its determination pose a high
uncertainty and are subjective. iForenLIBS
automatically scans the surface on which
a shot was made and maps the relative
concentrations. Artificial intelligence
algorithms automatically provide an
estimation of the shooting distance which is
both reliable and repeatable.

Field use

iForenLIBS is built in a ruggedized backpack
which can be worn in the field. Thus, GSR
on the clothes or skins of suspects, or
metal residues from the bullet (Cu, Ni,
Zn, Al, Ti, Sn) in intermediate impacts can
be identified directly in the field with
inmediate results.
iForenlibs endow the ocular inspection
staff with eyes in the field, allowing a more
efficient search for evidences. It results in
a lower number and higher relevance of the
evidences sent to the laboratory.

Desktop use

iForenLIBS can also be used as a desktop
equipment. Placing its head on the platform
the analysis becomes automatic. The
platform can be used not only for the
shooting distance determination, but for
automating the analysis of any sample.
The user can configure the surface to
inspect, the number of the laser shots and
their frequency. iForenlibs will provide an
estimation of the remaining time and do
the work for you.

LIBS for fools and for experts

iForenLIBS has been designed for its
use by people with no experience in the
technique. The user just needs to set what
element he is looking for and the system
will automatically provide a positive or
negative result. However it is also possible
to go deeper into the measurements and
get more of it. The experienced user can
see the spectra, and export them to text
files for analysis with other tools. It is also
possible to compare the spectra obtained
in different measurements in order to
determine whether two materials are the
same. It is thus possible to use it for the
determination of the origin of traces of
paint or pieces of glass for instance.



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