The MHOS HWM-P15 radiation portal monitor allows to perform automatic contamination controls on the materials passing through its measurement area. It is specifically designed to measure the radioactive contamination level in hospital waste. 


A luminous and acoustic alarm is activated when the pre-set threshold is exceeded, and a measurement report is generated and saved in the control console (desktop PC).


Each of the two columns hosts a plastic scintillator coupled to the signal processing electronics and a lead shielding for attenuating environmental background.

The MHOS HWM-P15 continuously verifies the electronics status through a self-diagnosis function. 



The “health status” of the system, as well as the measurements results, are displayed by the control console and by the alarm column.


The warranty includes a remote assistance service: the monitoring activity can be remotely controlled, using the Ethernet-LAN door of the control console, and the operator can contact ELSE NUCLEAR personnel for on-line service. After the expiry of the warranty, this service is available upon request.

Additional Info


  • Main features:

    • Fast and reliable gamma monitoring of hospital waste
    • High sensitivity plastic scintillators
    • Can be fixed directly on the floor without plinths
    • False alarm rate: 1:10’000
    • Visualization and saving of threshold-exceeding events
    • Alarm column for contamination and malfunctioning warnings
    • Available relays for safety devices connection (interlock, alarm indicators…)


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