Multidimensional KONIK K2®

HPLC+GC and K2Q12®HPLC+GC-MS Systems: Opening new dimensions

The KONIK K2 HPLC+GC and K2Q12 HPLC+GC-MS are one step beyond tandem MS-MS, opening advantageously the innovative world of multidimensional HPLC+GC to the Quali/Quanti analysis of organics up to the MW range of GC-MS.

Combined hyphenated techniques are always of potential interest to Analytical Chemists.

In fact GC-MS and LC-MS are now standard equipment in most laboratories and hundreds of methods (most offi cial) rely on these hyphenated techniques. Their analytic power and convenience are unquestioned.

This innovative HPLC+GC coupling, puts together two well proven techniques in synergy, as well as, optionally to mass spectrometry as the third dimension. KONIK-Tech has been developing and manufacturing GCʼs and HPLCʼs Systems, with innovative designs and unmat ched performances for nearly 35 years. Unique cold septum injectors, high precision ovens, pulse free pumps, multidimension multivalve systems, multimode autosamplers, multifunctional mass spectrometers … are only a few of KONIKʼs impressive trackrecord of innovation.

The new Multidimensional Platforms KONIK K2 HPLC+GC and KONIK K2Q12 HPLC+GC-MS, fully conceived, engineered and manufactured by KONIK, based in Patent No.: US 6,402,947 B1 and others, are the next natural step. KONIKʼs K2 HPLC+GC and K2Q12 HPLC+GC-MS, are unique, innovative products from a truly innovative European company! 

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