Designed to perform- crafted by hand in The Netherlands.


Noa is the ultimate multipurpose Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle for commercial use. Its six enlarged custom Acecore rotos were designed to enable the Pilot in Command to fly for an extended amount of time with various payloads. Thanks to Noa’s modular quick release, there is no limit to the amount of payload that can be used. Gremsy, Freefly, DJI and LiDAR all fall within the possibilities. Due to the flexibility in battery options, users can balance payload and battery weight to allow for optimal flight efficiency. The six aerodynamic carbon fiber booms can be removed and redeployed through Acecore’s quick release system, allowing for improved portability and a toolless setup. 

K E Y  F E A T U R E S




The Acecore Noa hexacopter carries A 3kg/ 6.6lbs payload such as the Sony A7R iv and Gremsy T3 V3 gimbal for over 40 minutes. Land surveying, 2D & 3D LiDAR mapping, wind turbine/ powerline inspection and a wide array of professions will find the extended endurance especially useful, covering more ground in a day than ever before.



Noa’s excellent flight performance, endurance, and internally stabilized quickrelease make it a workhorse for LiDAR applications. It is capable of laser-guided terrain following and has a retractable landing gear for a 360 degrees unobstructed field of view. Noa’s generous payload capacity allows users to configure it with the highest spec LiDAR systems reaching accuracies up to 10mm with photo-realistically colored point clouds. 



Four battery packs ranging from 11A-23A can be taken from Noa’s carbon fiber flight case and locked into the drone by the new shark fin battery latch. Each of the six booms mount to Noa’s centerpiece using double action quick release locks. Screw-on propellor adapters result in a completely toolless setup of the system.


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