Organic Sample Preparation

Solid-phase extraction, commonly referred to the acronym SPE, is an extraction technique that uses the affinity of a solid substance (solid phase), generally packed in columns or disks, with one or more substances present in a more or less complex matrix.


The Sepaths UP is designed for both cartridge and disk applications to treat samples with different volumes. It automatically treats from 1 to 12 same or different samples, through the whole treatment process, including condition, sample loading, rinsing, elution and concentration.


From 1 to 120mL/min fl ow rate


Sample volume from 1mL to 20L


Different cartridge and disk available


Different sample collection vials options


Display for real-time process


Possibility to manage via software up to 8 solvents


1 to 12 samples run simultaneously



SPE Process control of the flow rate is critical to guarantee reproducible extractions.
Differently than any other systems, the LabTech WSPE vacuum manifold features a patented valve system able
to grant precise flow control through each cartridge. The WSPE vacuum manifolds allow to process up to 12
(WSPE12) or 24 (WSPE24) samples simultaneously.



» Glass base resistant to solvents preventing condensation and discoloration
» Anticorrosion cover to avoid deformation under high-pressure working conditions
» High quality and reliable PTFE rack
» Screw-type solvent resistant vacuum regulator for accurate vacuum control
» PTFE rack for 11, 13 and 15mm tubes to satisfy daily use and virtually all laboratory needs


Complete software solution

» Possibility to run simultaneously different methods
» Real-time process monitoring
» Possibility to modify and create customized methods

Optional Concentration Module (E.T. Concentrator)

» Dedicated concentration for each channel
» Fast concentration by nitrogen flow
» Parallel concentration model

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