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The activity of the high voltage transformers successfully turned into the X-ray business in 1936. Years after years Balteau has affirmed its leadership leading the technology and setting the foundation of modern X Ray technologies. The first company to reach 200, 300 and 400 kV in the past, Balteau has today brought to the industry new standards that are consciously Safety oriented to allow users to operate equipment safer and easier.
  Balteau is also greatly caring about environment and always uses top grade  materials to ensure that the efficiency of the equipment will be at the top of what is technologically achievable. On the service and spares side, Balteau is providing the End-user with an exceptional and unequalled commitment of continuous service all through the life cycle of the equipment. Qualified engineers and an extensive Worldwide network dedicated to serve our Customers is actively participating to the success of our brand and to your possibility of always getting, from the selection of your equipment to its follow up in service, a qualified and professional support.
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