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WEBO was founded on 2 April 1992 in Ljubljana. The founders were Werner Kolodzi, who transferred his many years of experience in the field of ecology to Slovenia and Bojana Hrovatič. They began their pioneering work in the field of absorption and decontamination products in Slovenia in 1990 with the rehabilitation of the Muggle oil spill. In a very short time, we have joined the ecological program with a number of exclusive representations of recognized foreign manufacturers of equipment in the field of fire safety and civil protection, such as TOTAL, Weber Rescue, Sava, Leader, Lion, Magirus, Holik, Haix, Dräger, Comtrade. From the very beginning, we have strived to offer our customers a complete service in all areas, so we have trained and educated our staff all the time, while at the same time taking care of the organized service of the equipment we sell. With a new market approach and good products, we were able to rise among the largest and most respected traders in the field of ecology, fire safety and civil protection in Slovenia. In order to make it easier to master the entire Slovenian market, a WEBO Maribor branch was established in 1995, which then grew into an independent unit, WEBO MARIBOR doo, on 1 July 2000. Today, WEBO employs a large number of people in both units and is a renowned and established name in its field in the Slovenian market. Reliable co-workers, regular and systematic monitoring of market developments, comprehensive and high-quality product range of products and, last but not least, a large number of satisfied customers contribute to this.

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