Rx Feasibility & Plan QA

With PlanIQ™, get instant feedback on patient-specific treatment plan quality — from feasibility of achieving established clinical goals to insights on how plans can be strengthened.

Know Before You Plan
Before treatment planning begins, PlanIQ analyzes the patient-specific feasibility of your clinical goals, with insights on areas for improvement. Target, OAR and overall plan quality are summarized from “acceptable” to “ideal” for easy identification of weaknesses in the plan.

Plan Quality Scoring
Based on your clinical goals, every target and OAR receives a quality score. The treatment plan receives a Plan Quality Metric (PQM) score and an Adjusted PQM (APQM) score customized to the patient-specific feasibility analysis.

Continually Improve Plan Quality
Real-time feedback on DVH feasibility aids the treatment planner in optimizing treatment plans. In addition, Plan Quality Metrics for the entire plan provides insights in to best practices by protocol.

Leverage these insights to build an auto-planning library of high-quality plans.

Planiq figure

Scores address feasibility of every target and OAR, as well as the overall plan.

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