The Benchmark for 3D Pre-Treatment QA

ArcCHECK® is the only detector array specifically designed to identify errors in rotational delivery.
It’s the ideal solution for 4D Patient Pre-Treatment QA for: IMRT, VMAT, SBRT and MRgRT; Varian Medical Systems® Halcyon™ System and Ethos™ Therapy; and Accuray TomoTherapy® and Radixact™ Systems.

Powerful Patient-Specific QA
ArcCHECK is recommended by AAPM Task Group 218 for 3D measurement requirements. It measures and correlates gantry angle, leaf-end position, absolute dose and time to identify any potential source of error throughout the patient volume.

Clinically Relevant Dose & DVH QA
Identify TPS and beam delivery errors. With a single click, compare measured dose points to planned dose points. Review individual control points and user-defined full or sub-arc sections for an in-depth overview of pass, low, and high dose results.

MLC Pattern Machine QA
Further leverage your ArcCHECK for Machine QA tests by evaluating discrepancies between the planned and delivered MLC pattern and identifying leaves that may require service.


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