MR-Compliant, Daily Beam Quality Measurement

With Daily QA-MR, a single beam measurement supports 4 beam quality checks — energy, output, transverse, and axial symmetry. For flattening filter free (FFF) beams, shape constancy and field size shift are added for a total of 6. Compare results to baseline values in the software to determine if intervention is needed before treating patients.

The Daily QA-MR and associated cabling, stand, and accessories are MR-compliant, as specified in ASTM F2052-15 for field strengths up to 1.5 T.

Trusted Design
Daily QA-MR is built upon the Daily QA™ 3 gold-standard design, now reconfigured to support MR environments. Tests support rotational and FFF beams, with no warm-up or pre-irradiation required for testing.


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