The Ultrasonic Sprayer Cart is specially designed for disinfection and infection control in areas and rooms that need to safely eliminate germs and bacteria in places such as hospitals and care homes.

The hospital style cleaning cart can replace other cleaning and infection control equipment requirements due to its efficient and controllable delivery system, which can deliver chemicals and medical treatments.

The system is charged by a standard 9L (or 7L) respirator air cylinder but also has a compressed air cylinder for connection to an external supply line.

It is controlled by regulating valves built into the control panel and is fed from a chemical cylinder. A second chemical cylinder is provided and stored in the cart.

The pre-mixed solution is dispersed at a rate of 8 liters per hour depending on the solution used. The small solution also allows for safe decontamination or disinfection in areas where technical equipment may be present.

  • Fine mist disinfection of airborne viruses
  • Disinfecting surfaces and clearing them of contamination
  • Surface coating with self-sterilizing products (SSP)
  • It can deliver viscous solutions and aqueous foams

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