MetRad 1 Combined Metal And Gamma Radiation Detector

The MetRad 1 offers inspectors a dual-function scanner with full metal and radiation detection functionality. This small, lightweight device is ideal for fast localization of both metal and radioactive materials. Scanning baggage and personnel can be accomplished with ease and effectiveness since the detector can be placed in close proximity to the contraband material with high sensitivity even in the presence of heavily shielded nuclear material.
The MetRad 1 has an efficient CsI detector with a SiPM to give an excellent response and robust durability as scanners are often dropped or handled aggressively. Quick deployment is achieved because of an auto-calibration feature and the use of disposable or rechargeable batteries.



  • Ultimate sensitivity
  • Self-calibrating to different backgrounds
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Sound and vibro- alarms


  • Airports and seaports
  • Custom and border protection
  • Events and building security
  • Critical infrastructure protection

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