Model PM1621M (PRD) X-Ray And Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter

The PM1621M Radiation Dosimeter is the only simple radiation dosimeter with advanced features designed for non-technical personnel in government, law enforcement or the public sector at a low cost. Its ability to detect and measure gamma radiation with user-definable alarms makes this device ideal for high-volume deployment in most industrial, medical or emergency response applications.

In the event of a radiation emergency, first responders equipped with the PM1621M can easily monitor a wide area of radiation hot spots by attaching the unit to its utility belt. The PM1621M, in its very compact, shock-resistant and waterproof package, will alert the operator with a subtle vibration or an audible alarm any time it detects gamma radiation. The presence of the PM1621M will provide the end user with assurance that their personal health and safety are in check and they can focus on more urgent tasks.

The tool is designed to efficiently connect the user with both critical residence time and personalized dose rate information that includes the lowest natural background levels.

Tests have shown that the unit is more sensitive and responsive than commonly used Geiger-Müller radiation pagers. Ease of use, sensitivity and durability under extreme environmental conditions make the PM1621M a powerful and essential tool in the most demanding emergency response situations.

This device meets IEC 61526 standard for radiation protection survey instruments. Data – including the alarm event and its time, and the alarm exceedance level relative to a preset threshold – for up to 1,000 incident records can be stored in the non-volatile memory of this device. All this data can be transferred to a computer via infrared channel for processing, analysis and control.


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