Speed and Mobility

Homeland Defender suits fit your body like conventional outerwear and are certified for use with tactical-style boots. Unlike most traditional HAZMAT suits, our suits allow you to run, jump, and move as needed without compromising protection from dangerous chemical and biological agents.

Comfort As A Force Multiplier

Homeland Defender® suits offer a level of comfort that allows responders to function effectively for long durations until the mission is complete. Each suit is designed with a cooling mechanism to alleviate heat stress as compared to conventional HAZMAT suits. This allows for extended response durations and fewer shift rotations.


The durability of any CBRN suit is important from a safety and investment standpoint. Homeland Defender suits are uniquely rugged in both fabric and seam construction to allow for worry-free tactical, rescue, and Decon operations without the need for chemical tape. Homeland Defender® suits can be reused multiple times if they are not contaminated.


Success Partners

Success Partners