Comprehensive quality assurance from start to finish

StereoPHAN™ streamlines stereotactic end-to-end testing and QA. It’s easy and efficient to use — no tools required for setup across tests — and it works with a variety of detectors (ion chambers, film, and SRS MapCHECK®).

Confident Program Commissioning
Perform testing on all aspects of stereotactic planning and delivery – MRI/CT image fusion, CT to linac patient alignment, and treatment planning QA. The phantom can be rotated 360° and combined with inserts to acquire sagittal, coronal and transverse plan measurements within 0.1 mm accuracy.

Complete End-to-End Stereotactic QA
Inserting SRS MapCHECK into StereoPHAN offers film-less, patient-specific QA for challenging small field and MLC-based SRS cases. With the MultiMet-WL Cube inserted, StereoPHAN supports multi-met single isocenter off-axis verification.

Multi-Modality Compatibility
StereoPHAN supports conventional linacs, CyberKnife® Systems, Varian HyperArc™ Systems, vertex delivery beams, and MRgRT. Headframes offer compatibility for Brainlab®, Elekta Fraxion®, and GammaKnife®.


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