Proton VERT Benefits

    • Be ahead of the game with patient education.

    • Import patients own treatment plans and deliver bespoke sessions.

    • Enable staff to make the transition from Photons to Protons more easily, safely and effectively with cutting edge technology.

    • Visualise pencil beam scanning and spot depth.

    • Compare Proton and Photon treatment plans during an MDT.

    • Enhance students training with virtual Proton education.

    • Introduce the latest clinical techniques.



A powerful new tool for training and information.

Proton VERT simulates the important functions of the treatment machine and includes 3D visualisations of patient treatment plans (CT, structures, dose) displayed in situ on the machine, plus simulated beam delivery. Proton VERT is a machine available whenever needed, away from the busy clinical rooms.

IBA Proteus One and Varian ProBeam Models are available.

Proton VERT is available as a full system or as an upgrade for existing customers.


For more information about PROTON VERT

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