QuikRead go Instrument

The QuikRead go Instrument is a compact, fully automatic instrument which is used for quantitative and qualitative measurements together with QuikRead go reagent kits. The QuikRead go system – consisting of the instrument and ready-to-use kits – is specially designed for use in primary healthcare settings. The instrument can be connected to HIS/LIS systems.


About the instrument

The QuikRead go instrument is a photometer capable of producing quantitative or qualitative results. The instrument has been designed and calibrated for both photometric and turbidimetric measurement. The instrument guides the user through the assay procedure by showing a series of messages and animations on the display.

The QuikRead go instrument measures the absorbance of the cuvette and converts the absorbance value into a concentration value or positive/negative result on the basis of preset test calibration data encoded on each cuvette label.


Traceability of test results ensures high quality and reliability. The instrument’s user interface enables a variety of settings to be personalised. There is a choice of 23 different languages, it is easy to add patient and/or operator identification information and the instrument can be easily combined with accessories, such as a barcode reader and a printer.

Ease of use combined with rapid results and reliability makes the QuikRead go system a valuable everyday diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals.

QuikRead go Instrument provides you with

Ease of use

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Interactive touch screen which guides users using animations

Minimal hands-on time

  • Automatic mixing and reagent addition in prefilled cuvettes

  • Results are automatically stored in the instrument’s internal memory, user and/or patient ID can be linked to the results


  • Three standard USB ports enable the use of memory sticks, a printer and a barcode reader

  • LIS/HIS connectivity

Technical data

Products available

133893 QuikRead go Instrument, 1 piece

UseFor in vitro diagnostic use

Immunoturbidimetric and photometric

Sample typeAnalyte dependent
Instrument information

QuikRead go Instrument

27 cm (l) x 15.5 cm (w) x 14.5 cm (h), weight 1.7 kg without power supply

Time to resultAnalyte dependent: 2 to 6 minutes
Reading of the resultInstrument reads and displays the result

Analyte dependent


Analyte dependent

Storage and transportationThe ambient temperature during transport and storage must be between 2 °C and 35 °C. Protect from rain and humidity.
Additionally needed

Test kits

Country of originEstonia and Sweden
RegistrationThis version of the QuikRead go Instrument is not registered in the USA
Registered trademarkQuikRead go is a registered trademark of Aidian Oy

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