RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector

  • Description

    RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector is a next-generation all-digital personal radiation detector that combines four functions in one:

    • Dose Equivalent Rate Meter

    • Accumulated Dose Meter

    • Radiation Survey Meter

    • Radiation Source Locator

    This pocket-sized, direct-reading PRD accurately detects and measures radiation exposure for workers and responders in potentially hazardous environments.

    RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector uses a YSO scintillation detector combined with a state-of-the-art silicon photomultiplier (YSO+SiPM) and multi-voltage threshold (MVT) algorithm to detect a wide range of radiation doses.

    Proportional, real-time detection and measurement provide meaningful readouts that focus on real-world applications. The fast response and wide dose rate range maximize the safety of your team. Intuitive navigation allows users to adjust settings in the field.

    The unique, high-contrast OLED display provides a clear indication of the wearer’s equivalent dose rate, accumulated dose, and count rate. The search interface can also be used as a survey meter to locate the source of radiation.

    RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector is designed to meet the needs of emergency responders and radiation protection personnel across the United States.



  • Technical Specifications


    YSO Scintillator + SiPM

    Type of Radiation Detected

    Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray

    Energy Range

    20 keV–10 MeV

    Dose Rate Range

    1 μrem/h–100 rem/h (0.01 μSv/h–1 Sv/h)

    Integrated Dose Range

    1 μrem–10,000 rem (0.01 μSv–100 Sv)


    980 cps/mrem/h (98 cps/μSv/h) (∝ Cs-137)

    Energy Response

    ≤ ±20% (∝ Cs-137)

    Dose Rate Linearity

    ≤ 10% up to 100 rem/h (1 Sv/h)


    ±10% (∝ Cs-137)

    Alarm Threshold

    User-set values for dose rate: 2 μrem/h–100 rem/h (0.02 μSv/h–1 Sv/h)

    Alert Options

    Audible (80 dB at 12 in ∕ 30 cm), Visual (LED and Display), Vibrating

    Alarm Response Time

    < 2 s

    Overload Display

    Activation when > 100 rem/h (1 Sv/h) Overload indication up to 10 rem/h (10 Sv/h)


    4-Button Interface, Front-Facing Screen

    Power Supply


    Battery Life

    Typically 500 hours in background field


    Backlit Memory LCD


    165 g (without batteries)


    120mm x 75 mm x 32 mm


    External probe for Alpha and Beta

    Operating Temperature

    32–122 °F (0–50 °C)

    Storage/Transport Temperature

    -4–158 °F (-20–70 °C)

    Relative Humidity

    Up to 90% RH (Non-Condensing)

    IP Rating



More Details


1 | Features

Digital data acquisition
  • All-digital solid-state detection
High-performance detection design
  • High-performance YSO crystal
  • Miniaturized SiPM
  • High-speed chip enables fast response and the smallest dead time in industry
  • Patented MVT digital signal processing technology provides excellent performance and stability
  • Background radiation interference virtually eliminated
Rapid response
  • Full-range reading and alarm response in less than 2 seconds
  • High sensitivity allows for earlier detection
  • Audible output quickly alerts responders of rapidly changing radiation levels
  • Real-time, active self-reading
Quality control system
  • Auto-calibration
  • Virtual elimination of false alarms
  • Ability to discriminate between background and man-made source
  • Programmable chips enable firmware updates and system upgrades
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • High system stability and reliability
  • Accurate and reliable data
  • Precise quantitative analysis


2 | Benefits

  • As an active self-reading device, both dose rate and accumulated dose are measured in real time, enabling users to always be aware of current exposure
  • Large OLED display offers user readability in dark or bright environments
  • Three types of alarms alert users in a multitude of ways: vibrating, audible, and visual
  • Alarm is either preset or user programmable through entire measurement range
  • Intuitive menu-driven navigation allows user to adjust settings in the field
  • Easy one-handed operation with just two buttons, allowing total control with a thumb
  • Proportional, real-time detection and measurement provide meaningful readouts that focus on the awareness and safety of the user during critical times
  • Patented MVT sampling method resulting in no signal loss and high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Low-power CMOS digital electronics combined with digital silicon photomultiplier chip (SiPM)
  • Dose and dose rate alarms provide additional awareness of high radiation levels



Homeland Security/Real-Time Data for Crisis Control
Homeland security has become a top priority in recent years to assure the safety of individuals around the world. Personnel must be prepared to deter and respond to potential exposure to radiation. If asked to perform duties in an environment where radiation may be present, assessing exposure levels is crucial and reporting on a regular basis a necessity. X-Z LAB understands how critical it is that all personnel be protected to reduce or avoid short-term, or acute, exposure to radiation.

State and Federal Agencies/Military
Many state, federal, and military agencies work in environments that monitor radiation programs or environments as well as carry the responsibility for crisis management in the event of an emergency. Ensuring public health, safety, and the integrity of our environment is the primary concern of these government organizations and safety personnel.

First Responders
In any emergency situation, time is of the essence. First responders to any critical scene may not know immediately if the area has been contaminated. Therefore, it is imperative that those first to respond to a crisis carry radiation monitoring dosimeters. First responders may include law enforcement, fire personnel, emergency medical teams, HAZMAT, or even state, federal, or military organizations. X-Z LAB recognizes the special requirements of these agencies. RadPavise | Personal Radiation Detector is specifically tailored to the requirements of any agency.

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