Reference Detector​

Interference-Free Dosimetry Scanning

Reference Detector is a patented, out-of-field detector that uses linac head leakage to obtain a reference signal during water tank scanning of photon energies.

Small Field Annuals & Commissioning
The Reference Detector can be used for commissioning measurements of any field size, but it is especially helpful for small fields because it is fully out-of-field and does not impinge on the measurement.

Use it with your Sun Nuclear water tank for comprehensive commissioning and annual beam scanning.

Easy & Efficient
Reference Detector mounts to the top surface of a supported linac gantry using a non-invasive dual-lock fastener and includes a 2-meter cable with triax connector. Once setup, there is no need to move the detector when changing field sizes.



Volume (cc)


L x W x H (mm)

125 x 105 x 15

Reference Point (mm)

2-meter cable with triaxial connector


Top surface of linac head, via dual-lock fastener

TechFlow ​

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