Research International’s Remote Sensor Node

Remote Sensor Nodes will wirelessly connect to a central monitoring station.

Air is drawn into the unit through a top cap at the rate of 200 liters/minute and discharged through a perforated cylindrical exhaust section near the unit’s base.  The unit is modular in design, and depending on customer preferences, sampled air can be examined:

  • for the presence of toxic gases by one or more of four state-of-the-art detection methods; 
  • by an ultraviolet fluorescence-based biodetector designed to look for suspicious changes in bioaerosol concentrations; and
  • by  a sensitive gamma ray radiation detector capable of detecting suspicious changes in background radiation levels.


  • Full CBRN monitoring capability and GPS location
  • 200 LPM air sampling rate
  • Sample collection upon alarm
  • Optional weather station and video!
  • Portable- 12 hours on battery power
  • High speed 100 MHz wireless network
  • 2 km range, up to 64 nodes per network
  • Network operating software – no license fee
  • Plume dispersion software

Product Features




Toxic gas detector- Type I:

Identification of up to 20 gases simultaneously at ppb/ppm levels using second-generation IMS technology.

Toxic gas detector- Type II:

Ceramic solid state detector- up to 20 gases simultaneously.

Toxic gas detector- Type III:

Identification of up to 40 gases simultaneously at ppm levels using infrared signature technology over a distance of up to 50 meters. Located externally and connected by wireless link.

Toxic gas detector- Type IV:

Electrochemical cells per customer selected type- maximum of 6 channels.

Sampling Fan:

200 liters/minute.

Bioaerosol Detector:

Detect sudden changes in biological aerosols, send sampling command.

Sampling Filter Device:

Collect samples when an alarm level is exceeded or by remote command.

Industrial process control computer:

Collect and store sensor data.

Weather Station:

Provide wind speed and direction as well as GPS, temperature and humidity.

Wireless Links:

Local link to sensors not mounted on Remote Sensor Node; and second link for data transmission to a remote receiver up to 2 km distant.

Radiation Detector:

Selective gamma ray monitor.

Thermal and/or high-resolution video camera:

Monitor for suspicious activity and movement, detect explosion clouds. Can be located either on the node or externally and connected by wireless link.

Wireless link to listening post:

TCP/IP protocol, 2.4 MHz ISM band mesh-type network.

Security against theft or tampering:

Chain lock and automotive-type theft alarm.


0.2 m diameter x 1.0 m high without weather probe.


25 kg; add 7 kg for portable weather station

Operating temperature range:

-30°C to 60°C

Operating Time:

12 hours on battery; 1 week or more on mains power.

TechFlow ​

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