SavantAA, GBC’s standard flagship model, is the 5th generation AAS from GBC that draws on a long tradition of excellence in design.

The SavantAA is also available as the SavantAA No Flame


which is without a gasbox allowing a dedicated graphite furnace or hydride AAS.

The SavantAA is controlled by the SavantAA Windows® based software offering the ultimate combination of power and simplicity.


A true double-beam spectrometer.


The SavantAA can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements. The basic instrument includes advanced features such as programmable gasbox, 8 lamp turret with auto alignment of lamps, optimization of wavelength and slit width and setting of the lamp current. The instrument building blocks include the optional Super Lamp Power supply for 1 or 4 lamps, the optional coded lamp recognition, the optional automatic burner rotation and optional Electronic Sample Viewing which allows real time colour viewing of sample compartment, a must for graphite furnace analysis.

  • Eight lamp fully automated turret with auto alignment of lamps for sequential multi-element analysis.

  • Programmable flame control with ten safety interlocks provides reproducible operation with gas flows automatically set when changing methods.

  • All-reflective optics for high light throughput.

  • Automatic wavelength setting, 185 to 900 nm.

  • Continuously adjustable slit width 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments in both normal and reduced height with automatic setting.

  • Asymmetric modulation reduces noise by up to 40%.

  • Hyper Pulse fast background correction provides 175-423 nm correction range, at up to 2.5 Abs.

  • Optional Coded lamp recongnition.

  • Optional 1 or 4 Super Lamp Power Supply.

  • Optional Automatic burner rotation.

  • USB communications.


Double beam with background correction and flame emission capability. Asymmetric modulation with 2:1 sample-to-reference ratio for noise reduction. All-reflective system with quartz overcoating on mirrors. Sealed against dust and vapour. Optional ESV supplied.

Ebert-Fastie design with 333 mm focal length and 175–900 nm wavelength range. 1800 line/mm holographic grating with dual-blazed profile and 1.6 linear reciprocal dispersion. Automatic wavelength selection and peaking. Continuously adjustable slits with 0.1 to 2 nm spectral bandwidth (0.1 nm increments). Reduced height for furnace operation available with all slit widths. Automatic setting of slit width and height. Automatic scanning. Selected wide range multi-alkali photomultiplier tube.

Lamp Turret
Eight-lamp turret with automatic lamp selection. Automatic optimization in two planes for maximum light throughput. Automatic multi-element operation, with the next lamp in the sequence automatically warmed up. Compatible with standard hollow cathode lamps. Optional Coded Lamp Recognition for ALL lamps. Optional one or four lamp Super Lamp power supply.

Background Correction
Hyper-Pulse background corrector on the SavantAA and SavantAA ∑ takes 200 (50 Hz) or 240 (60 Hz) sample readings per second for correction of fast background peaks. With approximately 1 ms between pulses and interpolation between measurements, the best possible accuracy is assured. High intensity deuterium arc lamp provides 175–425 nm correction range. Corrects to 2.5 total absorbance.

Flame Atomization System
Pre-mix design with solid inert polymer mixing chamber. All-titanium burner construction. The optional nitrous oxide burner is designed to reduce carbon build up. Nebulizer has platinum-iridium capillary and inert venturi for resistance to acid attack. Adjustable sample uptake rate with locking mechanism. Optional inert impact bead. Interlocked nebulizer bung and pressure relief bung. Integral liquid trap with liquid level interlock. SavantAA has quick-change mounting to enable easy change-over to graphite furnace.

Performance Guarantee
Greater then 0.9 abs for 5 mg/L copper solution with an RSD of less than 0.5% on the same measurement for the SavantAA.

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