Turbimeter Plus

The Turbimeter Plus combines testing for Turbidity and TSS on one instrument, delivering rapid results for two of the most important indicators for water quality in drinking water, wastewater and safe water monitoring.

Unique Quadoptix Technology
The Turbimeter Plus uses two independent sources and two independent detectors to provide four autonomous measurement systems, allowing multiple validation of results for greater accuracy.

Data management with USB connectivity
The Turbimeter Plus includes storage for 1000 results which can be transferred to a PC via USB.

Rapid results in less than 10 seconds
Get turbidity results in less than 10 seconds using normal mode. For further analysis switch to average or continuous capture modes.

Ideal for field use
With initial battery power for approximately 10,000 tests, the Turbimeter Plus is designed for field use, coming in a portable case for easy transit. Charge your instrument via the USB.

IP67 certified waterproof
Our turbidity meter is fully waterproof, inclusive of the USB socke

IP67 Waterproof
Digital Testing
No Reagents
Portable Case


 Turbidity                              0.01 – 1050 NTU


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