VERT™ Physics Benefits

  • Underpin key principles of dosimetry

  • Produced in conjunction with NPL

  • Practice quality assurance procedures

  • Simulate complex machine calibrations

  • No time constraints

  • Independent learning without clinical pressure

  • Visualise the consequence of errors

  • Implement competency assessments



VERT™ Physics Innovative tools to bring physics tutorials to life.

An effective and versatile package of simulated physics
equipment and educational content. VERT Physics provides a comprehensive package for teaching Quality Assurance principles to radiographers and more complex Physics procedures to Physicists, including end-to-end simulation of multiple metrology protocols.

VERT Physics has two components, a basic QA module for radiographers and Physics 2 a training tool specifically for radiation physicists with advanced features

QA & Dosimetry

• QA Plate

• Alignment Phantom

• Plotting Tank

• Small Measurement Phantom

• Ion Chamber

• Monitor Unit Calculation

Physics 2

• Ion Chamber Calibration IPEM Protocol

• Ion Chamber Calibration TRS 398 Protocol

• Small Chamber

• Cobalt 60 Measurement Calculation

• TRS 398 Electron Calibration (coming soon)


For more information about VERT™ Physics

Download our PDF below

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