VERT benefits

    • Training in cross-sectional anatomy. Explain complex theoretical concepts and principles

    • Visualise 3D structures, dose, CT, and beams

    • Deliver continuing education sessions in the clinic, refreshing knowledge and developing skills

    • CBCT matching

    • MRI, PET and CT fusion visualisation

    • Enhances decision-making skills

    • Provides a safe, non-pressured environment to practice set up and techniques

    • Reduces real-world Linac time required for training.

    • Viable and engaging alternative to teaching or demonstrating radiotherapy to visitors and staff without time pressure in the clinic.


VERT – The Flight Simulator for Linacs

VERT is a virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room. Through captivating 3D views and life size visualizations, VERT offers an excellent platform for supplying radiation therapy training to students, nurses and multidisciplinary team members. From illustration of theoretical concepts through to acquisition of clinical skills in a safe environment VERT delivers tremendous benefits for the student, tutor, clinic staff and the patient.

To view a video of VERT Click here


VERT Systems

Every VERT system is bespoke. We work with you to match your needs and your budget.

Immersive VERT

A state of the art, back projected system with a life-size Linac model and the potential to walk around the treatment room. This type of VERT system is typically installed in large teaching institutions or teaching hospitals.

Seminar VERT

A front projected cost effective solution where space is at a premium, an ideal solution for teaching in small groups.

More information regarding the VERT system types is available in our educational and clinical PDFs below.

For more information about VERT and how you can transform your training.

Download one of our PDFs below

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