Wagtech™ Potalab+

Why is the Wagtech™ Potalab+ suitable for you?
The Potalab+ is the most advanced portable water quality laboratory. With complete digital instrumentation, the Potalab+ delivers laboratory levels of accuracy and is inclusive of digital arsenic testing. The kit is ideally suited to longer-term surveillance and professional monitoring in rural locations. To compare this with our other Wagtech™ kits click here.

What is included in the kit?
2 Wagtech IncubatorsDigital Arsenic Test SystemPhotometer 7500Turbimeter PlusMicro 800 pH/Temperature Meter and Micro 800 Conductivity/TDS meter.


  • Chemical tests for ammonia, arsenic, free chlorine, total chlorine, fluoride, nitrate and nitrite
  • Physical tests for turbidity, pH, conductivity, TDS and temperature
  • Microbiological tests for thermotolerant or faecal coliforms and total coliforms

High capacity microbiological analysis
Dual incubators with independent temperature control for simultaneous determination of up to 40 samples for thermotolerant or faecal coliforms and total coliforms.

Advanced physico-chemical analysis
A combination of instruments and reagents allows users to analyse a wide range of physical and chemical parameters to ensure drinking water quality and assess risks against short-term and chronic health effects.

Complete data management
Download incubator data and add colony counts for a complete microbiological report. For full traceability of results transfer data from your Photometer 7500 via USB.

Portable Case
Ideal for field use
Digital Testing


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