A negative pressure room enclosing an ASAP II installation.

ASAP II is an automated CBRNe detection and identification system for mailrooms. This customizable system can be configured to meet a customer’s exact threat deterrent needs. Typical installations include the subsystems and features described below.


Biological detection: The biothreat component of the system can be set up to detect and identify up to four bioagents. Periodically, or on demand, a concentrated wet biosample is transferred to the bio-identification system. In fifteen minutes ASAP II will identify the presence of any of the pre-selected agents, and automatically notify the operator if the mail is clear or if a pathogen has been detected.

Chemical, explosive particle, drugs of abuse, radiation: The CRNE components of the system will detect, identify and report in seconds. Expandable default libraries screen for dozens of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and drugs of abuse. Radiation is detected and reported in less than one second.

Worker safety: The ASAP II system is typically housed in a negative pressure room equipped with a down draft table. An air sampling module in the system continuously samples air drawn into the downdraft table while mail is being jogged or opened over the table’s perforated top surface, providing appropriate samples to the biological identification components, while ensuring that any potential toxins are immediately drawn away from workers.

Fast, real-time processing: The ASAP II system can process thousands of pieces of mail per hour. Sampling operates continuously until processing of a batch of mail is complete, whether it is a few or several hours.

Low consumables cost: The cost of consumables in the ASAP II system is kept to a minimum by using disposable/reusable bioassay coupons that can be reused many times over a 48-hour period.

Minimal staff training: ASAP II is designed to be operated by general mailroom personnel and is fully automated, requiring little operator assistance.

Control software: Our proprietary ASAP II control software monitors all subsystems and allows the user to adjust parameters as necessary. Easy to install and use.


ASAP II System
ASAP II: A complete mailroom solution with 99.3% uptime.

Subsystem Features


The customizable ASAP II system can be configured with any or all of the subsystems shown here. All installed subsystems are integrated and monitored by Research International’s proprietary ASAP control software.

For Windows® OS

Monitors subsystems continuously

Intuitive interface

Quick, simple installation


Air collection rate: 325 LPM using 30,000 hour life brushless fan.

Particulates range: 1 to 10 um.

Air/Liquid Concentration ratio: 72,000/min. nominal.

Liquid inventory maintained at user- preset level independent of collection time, relative humidity, or temperature.

Liquid inventory: 4 to 5cc, nominal; continuously adjustable under computer control.

Make-up water: System includes 8 L distilled water reservoir that provides fresh water needs for more than 5 days.


Detects virtually all bio-threats: Spores, bacteria, viruses and toxins

Minimal or no sample pre-preparation

Insensitive to most interferents. Has been used to test whole blood, urine, raw sewage, milk, and 10% meat slurries.

Fast: 15-20 minutes per assay depending on analyte

Sensitivity: Analyte dependent, 1 to 10 ppb typical for toxins, 100 to 100,000 CFU/ml for bacteria.

All fluids and reagents stored on-board.


Industry leading sensitivity & false alarm rejection

Simple maintenance

No consumables – low lifecycle costs

Continuous use 24/7/365

Extensive and customizable TIC & CWA detection


Fast – detects in less than one second

No special training required

Can be integrated with x-ray machine



Ion trap mobility spectrometer; analysis time=8 seconds

Accurate: False alarm rate < 2%



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