Noa 6



Noa is the ultimate multipurpose Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle for commercial use. Its six enlarged custom
Acecore rotos were designed to enable the Pilot in Command to fly for an extended amount of time with
various payloads. Thanks to Noa’s modular quick release, there is no limit to the amount of payload that can be
used. Gremsy, Freefly, DJI and LiDAR all fall within the possibilities. Due to the flexibility in battery options, users
can balance payload and battery weight to allow for optimal flight efficiency. The six aerodynamic carbon fiber
booms can be removed and redeployed through Acecore’s quick release system, allowing for improved portability and a toolless setup.

General features


  • Robust carbon fiber frame

  • Up to 20 kilograms useful payload

  • Up to 60 minutes real-world flight time

  • 500M/ 5KM/ 16KM range options

  • Downfall resistant

  • Single or dual operator setup

  • ADS-B ready transponder

  • AES256 encrypted radio link

  • Triple redundant autopilot

  • Dual GNSS GPS



Maximum gross for takeoff*
Maximum payload
Minimum standard empty weight


Energy type
Number of motors
Motor type
Operating voltage
Motor max continuous Power
Idle speed
Number of ESCs
Max continuous current draw


Propeller setup
Propeller type


Vibration isolation system
Mounting options
Mounting system
Battery rack



Flight controller
Operating temperatures


Flight battery

Energy type
Recommended make and models

Nominal battery voltage
Minimum battery quantity

Maximum battery voltage
Minimum average battery voltage


36.9 kg/ 81.18 lbs

*<25kg/ 55 lbs version available
20 kg / 44 lbs
11.4 kg / 25.08 lbs

Direct Drive 3-phase BLDC out runner
42V – 52V
2000 W
120 RPM/V
40A/ motor


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic ( CFRP) / foamed
core 3K Twill weave
3 CW and 3 CCW propeller
28 x 9.2 inch fixed propeller

Octo metal wire damper system

Top and bottom mounting possible
Depending on users preference
Top of centerpiece locked by shark fin



Cube flight controller
Orange/ Blue
-40°C (-40°F) to + 85°C (185°F)



Lithium Polymer
11000mAh, 17000mAh, 23000mAh
48 V/ 12S
2x double battery pack serial




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